Sound Equipment

Our state of the art audio systems meet all requirements to the highest standards.

Klemm Concert’s PA comes from the French L-Acoustics, which manufactures the world’s most perfect-sounding instruments for high-performance sound reinforcement.

As a member of L-ACOUSTICS Rental Network, we cooperate with other similar rental companies. These products perform perfectly in more than 40 countries world-wide at about 100 network partners. This policy provides a unique, consistent quality in the global profession of sound reinforcement.

Our Equipment

PA systems:

  • K1 3-way, triamp touring line source array loudspeaker
  • KUDO 3-way, triamp touring line array loudspeaker
  • dV-DOSC 2-way, biamp compact line array loudspeaker
  • ARCS 2-way biamp WST loudspeaker, trapezoid shape, built-in stack system
  • SB-218 subwoofer, 2×18″, bass reflex
  • dV-SUB subwoofer, 3×15″, hangable
  • LA-RAK touring rack, hangable, complete with 3pcs of LA8 amplifiers

Monitor system:

  • 115 XT HiQ 2-way coaxial monitor loudspeaker
  • MTD-115 2-way coaxial monitor loudspeaker
  • Monitor Rack 2pcs of LA-24 and one LA-17 amplifier

All these products are the most widely accepted in international markets and are often used on global tours by the most famous artists, like Sting, Madonna, RHCP.

Mixing consoles:

  • YAMAHA PM5D-RH (digital)
  • Digidesign Venue Profile (digital)
  • YAMAHA PM4000 (48+4/2)
  • Soundcraft Five monitor (48/24)
  • Midas Verona (48/2)
  • Midas Siena (48/16) monitor
  • Soundcraft SM-12
  • Midas Venice (24+4/2)
  • Midas Venice (8+4/2) 

Effects, EQ, system controllers:

Lexicon, TC Electronic, Yamaha, Drawmer, Klark Technik, DBX, BSS, Dolby Lake


Shure, Audix, AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Schertler


ASL, Axxent, Motorola Radio

Furthermore, the following world-class brands guarantee the events sound-quality: