About Us

Our company was established by Ervin Klemm who became known as member and PA-master of the band Prognosis formed in the 80’s.

In 1985 he retired from performing, but continued the band’s sound reinforcement works. Later, when the band dismissed in 1990, he continued this work as a private venture.

After 1999, his limited liability company has been a dominant participant among Hungarian event suppliers. Accordingly, his services characterized by Western-European standards and impeccable quality.

In 2003, our company has upgraded audio equipment for the L-ACOUSTICS products and joined L-ACOUSTICS Rental Network®. Network partners cooperate with other similar rental companies and the leaders of events. These products perform perfectly in more than 40 countries world-wide at about 100 network partners. Thanks to this policy, L-ACOUSTICS brand means a unique, consistent quality in the global profession of sound reinforcement.

Due to the continuous development and investment, with our professional and modern technical means, we provide comprehensive, high quality service to our customers throughout the whole process of on-the-spot-survey, counseling, visualization, and full implementation. High levels of security regulations and providers’ high-financial-limit liability insurance guarantee the quality of the company’s performance.

During investments we have always tried to put the emphasis on quality, following the latest western trends and, naturally, the ever-changing customer demands. This concept helped us in establishing and strengthening our current strong market position.

Professional, high-standard, experienced, and well-organized work of our technicians’ team also contributed to the company’s success and gaining recognition over the years.