Lighting equipment

Klemm Concert’s lighting system is based on the PAR 64-type of luminaires, which, equipped with high-intensity lamps, can easily illuminate the requested area with the currently sought color for the show or scene. With the brightness controlled by Zero digital dimmer drawers and programmable digital light mixers it’s possible to synchronize optimally the lighting setups required by all the consecutive but different kind numbers.

Intelligent lights are essential ingredients of modern shows. The automated, extremely bright luminaires, with their unmistakable colors, are indispensable for 3-dimensional real space utilization, and along with digital light-mixing-consoles make it possible to adopt to the ever-changing needs of each performance.

Lighting units are installed on a TOM-CAT-type lighting bridge system optimized for the event’s potentials in size and configuration.

In terms of power supply, we can either rely on the local system, or, if that’s not possible, use separate power generators.

Our tools:

Conventional floodlights

  • PAR 64, 56, 36
  • PAR 64, 36 ACL
  • CYC Light
  • Altman LECO 1kW
  • ETC 25-50
  • ETC 36
  • Fresnel 1kW, 2kW
  • LED PAR 64
  • Blinder 4, 8 lite

Smart floodlights, spot lights

  • Robe 575EAT spot/wash
  • Futurelight 575 spot/wash
  • HMI 1200W spot light
  • HMI 575W spot light

Mixers, dimmers

  • Wholehog II.
  • Camsys Magic Q 100
  • CELCO 48/96 digital mixing console
  • ZERO 88 digital mixing console
  • Strand 24 digital mixing console
  • 24-channel dimmer rack
  • 6-channel dimmer rack


Strobe light, UV tubes, smoke machines, hazers, fans

Bridge system, rigging equipment


  • TOM-CAT bridge system

Bridge components

  • 1.2m double-light-row bridge element
  • 2.4m double-light-row bridge element
  • 3.2m collapsible bridge element
  • Corner element (3-way/4-way)

Foot elements

  • Tilt foot element
  • 1m foot element
  • 1.5m foot element
  • 3m foot element
  • Corner element


  • Chain Master VGB 8.1 1t chain motors
  • 8/4-channel motor controllers
  • Work lifts
  • Manfrotto statives