ChamSys MagicQ 100

The MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2010 provides an immensely powerful control console in a compact size. Ideal for easy transport and fitting into small spaces, the MQ100 Pro 2010 is the console of choice for controlling lighting, video and LED.


Universes: 32

Channels: 16384

Number of fixtures: Up to 16384

Cues: 5000

Cue Stacks: 2000

Palettes: 3096

Groups: 5000

Numbers of shows: Virtually unlimited

Media Server support: 50 (each different content)

Encoders: 8

Network ports: 4

USB ports: 4

Direct DMX512 ports: 4

External monitor ports: 2, up to 1440×900 each

Dual colour dimmable LED console lamps: 2

Power input: 110 to 240 VAC